Extended Team Plan

Extended Team Plan

Extended Team Plan

Looking to compliment your existing team with a highly competent workforce and the best resources? Our talented designers and developers are available to augment your team on a short or long term basis.

Scale your team with our capable developers.

Expertly Skilled

Our developers are experienced, capable, and have collaborated with teams all over the world. They work well as part of a team unit or autonomously to bring a wealth of real world experience to your project.

Specialist Services

Our specialists are available by specific experience level, development technology, and skill set. Our developers have the skills specially honed to support your development team.

Immediately Available

Our developers are available as soon as you need them so you can scale your team as required and whenever required. All of them have considerable experience and require little onboarding or oversight.

Fine-Tuned Development

You have complete control over the project. Additionally, there’s constant and direct communication within the team (between your in-house staff and off-site developers). They all function as a single tight-knit unit. This makes your team highly flexible yet scalable according to your needs.

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